Dean Blachford Presented at the Video Tax News Fall Seminar

Dean Blachford, head of HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ Tax Litigation department presented to the attendees at the Video Tax News fall seminar in Ottawa on October 5, 2018. The VTN offers a number of publications for tax professionals. The VTN is composed by professionals across Canada who provide Video Tax News’ live or online courses focusing on corporate and personal tax. To learn more about the VTN, click here.



Martin Aquilina Invited by the Outaouais Export to Conduct a Presentation on Canada’s New Trade Agreement

Martin Aquilina, head of HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ International Law department, will be presenting at Outaouais Export – Evénement Accélérateur d’Affaires on November 15, 2018 at the Hilton Lac Leamy (Gatineau). Martin’s presentation will focus on the legal aspects of Canada’s new trade agreement, the Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Transpacific Partnership, which includes 10 other countries and promises to save Canadians 428 million Dollars in taxes. If you want to know more about Martin’s presentation, please visit:

Martin Aquilina, chef du départment de droit international de HazloLaw – Avocats d’Affaires, donnera une conférence lors de l’Evénement Accélérateur d’Affaires, présenté par Export Outaouais au Hilton Lac Leamy (Gatineau) le 15 novembre 2018. Sa conférence portera sur les aspects légaux de l’Accord de Partenariat Transpacifique Global et Progressiste, un nouveau traité de libre-échange dont le Canada et 10 autres pays sont membres. L’accord prévoit une économie de 428 millions de dollars pour le Canada. Pour en savoir plus:



HazloLaw – Business Lawyers welcomes a Tax lawyer from Deloitte Brazil for a six-week internship

HazloLaw – Business Lawyers is pleased to have Antonio Almeida, a Tax lawyer from Deloitte Brazil, join our firm for a six-week internship. Antonio has expertise in representing and advising Brazil’s largest oil & gas industry companies on a variety of complex tax issues. He has been providing HazloLaw’s team with some fascinating insights into Brazilian Tax law. As well, Antonio has enjoyed the opportunity of presenting to Canadian accountants on certain aspects of Brazilian law.



Hugues Boisvert Featured in Capital Magazine’s Latest Edition

On October 12, 2018, Capital Magazine featured HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ Founder and CEO, Hugues Boisvert, in its article “Networking and Risk-Taking Keys to Accelerating Your Business”. In his interview with Capital Magazine, Hugues shared his belief that “building and accessing a network of mentors and advisors is paramount for those thinking about accelerating their business”. Hugues credits his success to the guidance received from Juan Carlos Grosso, who mentored him in in the beginning of his career at Grosso & Co., a law firm in Buenos Aires. In the interview, Hugues also shares more about the entrepreneurism and international law practice that HazloLaw – Business Lawyers is building in Ottawa. You can read Capital Magazine’s publication by clicking here.


HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ Appointed as a Complaint Recipient by D-Quest

HazloLaw – Business Lawyers has been appointed as a complaint recipient by D-Quest, a Japanese firm assisting Japanese public companies operating worldwide to comply with their obligations to offer a whistle-blowing channel. D-Quest provides investigative services such as due diligence investigations, background checks, and intellectual property rights protection investigations/support, in particular anti-counterfeit measures and infringement investigations. This initiative is part of HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ efforts to be a globally relevant boutique Firm. Hazlolaw – Business Lawyers’ and D-Quest’s first client pursuant to this initiative is Mitsubishi Motor Sales Of Canada, Inc.


Dean Blachford Cited by the Law Times

On August 20, 2018, the head of HazloLaw – Business Lawyers’ Tax Litigation department, Dean Blachford, was cited by the Law Times in an article about the recent decision of the Tax Court of Canada regarding the application of section 160 of the Income Tax Act. The article addresses the Court’s decision in Aitchison Professional Corporation v. The Queen and explains how non-arm’s length property transfers between spouses and their children may affect the CRA’s assessment of a taxpayer’s situation. You can read more by clicking here.


Dean Blachford Carried Out a Presentation on Tax Issues at Royal LePage’s Conference in Halifax

Last September, Dean Blachford, head of HazloLaw’s tax dispute resolution and litigation practice, was sent by Royal LePage to their national conference in Halifax to present to their real estate agents on common and significant tax issues that arise from real estate transactions. Dean enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the agents, who were very engaged in the presentation. Royal LePage connects professionals across Canada by organizing education sessions and networking events.