Martin Aquilina Selected to Supervise “Global Anti-Corruption University Project”

Martin Aquilina, a seasoned international business lawyer at HazloLaw – Business Lawyers, has been selected by the Telfer School of Management to supervise MBA students involved in the School’s “Global Anti-Corruption University Project”, which forms part of its mandatory course in Corporate Governance and Ethics.  The Project’s objective is to develop or strengthen, as required, an anti-corruption compliance program for two SMEs.  This year’s companies include JCM Capital, a financier of solar energy projects in second and third-world countries with offices in Toronto, Canada and London, England, and ING Robotic Aviation, a company based in Orléans, Ontario that makes drones designed for surveillance and monitoring purposes.

FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES #4: ‘Personal service’ key to HazloLaw’s success

Building relationships is key to the growth of HazloLaw – Business Lawyers, says Hugues Boisvert, the firm’s founder and CEO.

“I’m a firm believer that people are craving more personal service,” he says.

For Mr. Boisvert, that includes things such as answering clients’ e-mails quickly and providing high-quality legal advice. But it’s also about really getting to know his customers.

“When I talk to you and I open up to you,” he says, “you’re actually a genuine person, you’re not just another billing code.”

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Martin Aquilina figure parmi les conférenciers du Premier Forum Économique du Sénégal au Canada.

Invité par l’ambassade du Sénégal au Canada, Me Aquilina a présenté aux participants de ce Premier Forum Économique du Sénégal au Canada, qui s’est tenu à Montréal le 14 avril dernier, certains cadres juridiques pertinents aux investisseurs canadiens, notamment l’Accord Canada-Sénégal concernant la promotion et la protection des investissements, la Convention fiscale entre le Canada et le Sénégal, le Code d’investissement sénégalais et les actes uniformes de l’OHADA. Son message : le Sénégal est un état de droit qui jouit d’un contexte d’investissement sécuritaire et prévisible.

Martin Aquilina participated as a judge during the NIBS Competition!

Martin Aquilina, seasoned international business lawyer, participated as a judge during the NIBS (Network of International Business Schools) Worldwide Case Competition. This year’s competition took place at Carleton’s Sprott School of Business in Ottawa, from February 15-21, 2015. Students from the world’s top international business schools were brought together at this event. Teams analyzed business cases and prepared solutions to present to panels of academics, policy makers and senior managers.

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