ROBIN RODENHOUSESenior Corporate Clerk/Office Administrator

“At a certain point in life we ask ourselves, “What do we really want to do?” I look around at the team at Hazlo Law and know that as long as I am working with such a great, passionate and genuine group of people, and with the stellar clients that Hazlo Law works with, I am in the right place. Coming into Hazlo Law to work is always a pleasure, a challenge and a reward.”


Robin Rodenhouse is a senior law clerk with over 30 years’ experience in both the United States and Canada.

At HazloLaw-Business Lawyers, Robin provides administrative and law clerk support to our lawyers, which includes assistance with complex corporate and commercial transactions, corporate maintenance, corporate reorganization, drafting of various corporate documents and tax planning. Her experience is invaluable in her support to the partners and team of HazloLaw.