If you’ve clicked on this question, the answer is probably “now”. There’s no downside to making the call. Plus, one of the keys to succeeding in a tax dispute is developing, at the outset, a winning-argument and then sticking to that argument throughout the entirety of the dispute.

Often, the most damning evidence we have to overcome is a statement made by the taxpayer (and sometimes their accountant) during the audit or objection stage.

Even if you already have an accountant working on the file, it’s still wise to have a preliminary discussion with a lawyer who specializes in tax dispute resolution and litigation. Accountants have specific knowledge and expertise that are critical to succeeding in a tax dispute.

The best results often come when an accountant and a tax lawyer work together.

We understand that legal costs are always a concern. We will provide you a clear picture of the costs you can expect to incur to succeed in your dispute.