Our company has been approached to participate in a joint venture (JV). What does that entail exactly?

A joint venture (JV) is a cooperative relationship in which two or more business entities work together on a specific project or business activity, usually limited in duration to a specific time frame. In Canada, unlike, say, Mexico, there are no written rules governing JVs like there are for partnerships. While incorporating a new company [...]

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A foreign party is bringing a legal claim against me. Can I just ignore it?

If the claim is being brought in Canada, the short answer is no. Canadian courts are very welcoming and foreign plaintiffs are essentially treated on the same footing as local ones. However, Canadian defendants can avail themselves of certain procedures in order to “attack” the jurisdiction of the Canadian court, either by demonstrating that the [...]

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Why hire Martin Aquilina?

Martin brings to the Firm what many lawyers seldom do: a passion for helping people resolve complex or unorthodox legal issues. This thirst for exploring what many hesitate to take on, coupled with over 20 years’ experience across a wide spectrum of practice areas and industries makes Martin a lawyer that you want acting on [...]

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Why hire an international lawyer?

International Lawyers are retained when there is a legal challenge or opportunity that implicates a foreign jurisdiction. Perhaps you operate a business locally and want to franchise it abroad, or perhaps you want to sign contracts with foreign distributors to sell your product internationally or even open a subsidiary in another country. On the other [...]

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